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Modern packaging adds added value to traditional Chinese medicine

drugs are Chinese treasures. The new packaging technology has brought new vitality to the ancient traditional Chinese medicine, increased the technical content and increased the added value. Suppositories are made by mixing drugs with suitable matrix and are specially used for intraluminal administration. According to the different cavities used, there are generally three types: bullet type, torpedo type and duck beak type, of which the bullet type is the most, such as dakning suppository of Xi'an Janssen, Shuan suppository of Chongqing Sangtian palace, etc. Most of the medication methods are rectal and vaginal. Due to the unique administration characteristics of suppository drugs, the development was once in trouble due to the constraints of inconvenient use of patients and other factors. However, with the progress of new packaging technology, now, the ancient suppository is ushering in new vitality

double aluminum packaging technology has become a "new favorite"

aluminum foil for double aluminum packaging is commonly known as PTP aluminum foil (from the abbreviation of press through packaging or push through foil), which is the only widely used metal in packaging materials at present. It is non-toxic and tasteless, with excellent conductivity, shading, high gas resistance, moisture resistance and fragrance retention, as well as high strength and printability. Shang, Minister of the equipment department of Beijing huaerfu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., said, "suppositories have high requirements on the moisture-proof and air permeability of packaging. Now the PVC blister packaging used by most enterprises is not as good as double aluminum packaging in terms of moisture-proof, moisture-proof and light proof performance, so double aluminum packaging has a strong market advantage." The product "Fuyan suppository" of hualfu pharmaceutical company is packaged with double aluminum

as far as the packaging process is concerned, the material has no great influence on it. The packaging process of double aluminum packaging products is not very different from that of PVC packaging products. Mr. Zhou, an engineer of Shanghai Guorun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., briefly introduced the process: rolled sheet aluminum materials enter the mold in parallel, and enter the automatic filling procedure after being formed by shell making. The evenly stirred liquid medicine is automatically filled by a high-precision metering pump, and then the product is liquid solidified after several times of low-temperature cooling. Finally, the finished product is cut by shaping, sealing, and then batch number. In this series of processes, compared with PVC packaging, the technical difficulty of double aluminum packaging lies in the shell making stage and the tail sealing stage, because the aluminum foil is not elastic. If the performance of the packaging machine is not good enough or the speed is too fast, the shell is often easy to wrinkle, and the aluminum foil packaging of the product is difficult to flatten in the tail sealing heat sealing stage, which limits the application of double aluminum packaging in high-speed machines. In addition, the cost of double aluminum packaging is higher than that of PVC packaging. For the rapidly developing double aluminum packaging technology, how to speed up, improve efficiency and reduce the cost of aluminum foil is the next problem to be solved when the pipeline of the lubrication system leads to the rotating joints and moving parts

hollow suppository filling technology is emerging.

hollow suppository filling technology is a new suppository filling technology that began in Japan in the late 1980s. The biggest difference between the suppository made by this technology and that made by other technologies is mainly reflected in the composition of the suppository. The outer layer of the hollow suppository produced by this technology is a shell made of matrix, and the central part can be filled with solid or liquid drugs. Hollow suppositories have more advantages than ordinary suppositories: first, they have faster efficacy and strong protection against human body, which can effectively avoid gastrointestinal reactions and liver first pass effects; Second, the stability is relatively good, and the drug can be free from the deliquescence and oxidation of air in the matrix; Third, the suppository has a wide range of applications. Both water-soluble and fat soluble drugs can be prepared with appropriate matrix

nowadays, through continuous innovation and breakthrough, hollow suppository has entered the clinical application field with its characteristics of rapid release and slow release. It is not only suitable for the treatment of acute diseases such as vomiting and asthma, but also for the long-term treatment of chronic diseases such as diabetes, anemia and cancer. But in China, this technology is still in the stage of exploration and research. Mr. Zhou of Guorun machinery said, "at present, this suppository is very popular in foreign countries and has been widely used. However, the hollow suppository needs to be filled with two layers, and the control of this process is very difficult, so domestic enterprises have basically not adopted it."

the new packaging technology of double-layer suppository is favored

double-layer suppository is composed of two layers, which can better adapt to clinical treatment than ordinary suppository. At the same time, this material also has the characteristics of light weight, which can be divided into upper and lower double-layer suppository and inner and outer double-layer suppository

upper and lower double-layer suppository is composed of upper and lower layers, which has three forms. The first is to disperse two or more drugs with different physical and chemical properties in fat soluble matrix or water-soluble matrix respectively to make suppositories with upper and lower layers, so as to facilitate the absorption of drugs or avoid possible incompatibility of drugs. The second is to make the upper and lower layers of blank matrix and drug containing matrix, and use the upper blank matrix to prevent the upward diffusion of drugs, so as to reduce the absorption of drugs from the superior rectal vein. This method not only has little cost-effective advantages, but also can improve the bioavailability of suppositories and reduce the side effects of drugs. The third is to disperse a drug in fat soluble matrix and water-soluble matrix respectively, and prepare the upper and lower layers, so that the suppository has the effects of rapid release and slow release at the same time

the difference between the internal and external double-layer suppository and the upper and lower double-layer suppository is that it is composed of internal and external layers, which contain different drugs. Because the outer layer melts first, releasing drugs, and then to the inner layer, after the suppository is administered, the surface shape, reinforcement grade, strength grade code, nominal diameter, yield point is not less than tensile strength, elongation is not less than cold bending d-bending diameter, a-reinforcement diameter can play the role of two drugs. The preparation of this kind of suppository requires a special double-layer suppository mold

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