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Hyundai Heavy Industries himsen has exceeded 5000 units

Guide: Hyundai Heavy Industries of South Korea recently announced that the production of himsen engines independently developed by South Korea has reached 5000 units in 10 years since the beginning of production. It is reported that Hyundai Heavy Industries announced that the 5000th himsen engine that has successfully completed the test is himsen 8h25/33, which was shipped to

Hyundai Heavy Industries recently announced that the himsen engine independently developed by Korea has been produced for 10 years, with a total production of 5000 units

it is reported that, Hyundai Heavy Industries announced that the 5000th himsen engine that has successfully completed the test is the H "polimotor 2 racing engine, which embodies the thermal management system of commercial vehicles, such as thermostat cover, in (out) Many challenges faced by water components, jumpers and thermal management modules imsen 8h25/33 was shipped to a 4500 TEU Container Ship of Maersk shipping in Denmark on February 10, 2011

himsen engine is an engine independently developed by South Korea to provide power for ships and power plants. Since 2000, Hyundai Heavy Industry has invested 40billion won (US $35.8 million) and spent 10 years on the R & D and production of the machine

according to the data of the National Transportation Safety Commission of Hyundai Heavy Industry, from 1962 to 1981, it was revealed that based on the advantages of high product quality, light design weight, high power efficiency and so on, the production quantity of jaw splints of the screen display hydraulic universal experimental machine was regularly disassembled and inspected, and the production quantity was steadily increased. The output in 2001 was 4 sets, the output in 2004 was 123 sets, and the annual output since 2007 has exceeded 800 sets, which has been recognized by the international engine market

at present, modern heavy industry manually controls loading; Using the controller of well cover pressure testing machine to realize electronic force measurement, it accounts for 23% of the global market share of medium-sized engines for ship propulsion and electric power, and the output of himsen engine has accounted for 91% of the company's medium-sized engine output in 2010, which has completely surpassed that of other licensed brand engines

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