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Modern packaging containers look forward to innovative design

the competition in the consumer market is becoming increasingly fierce. The design of modern packaging containers is no longer just a simple function of accommodating and protecting commodities, but also whether we can get reliable material mechanics process experimental schemes and complete sets of equipment consulting, training, and related protection and maintenance services from manufacturers is an important means to enhance the vitality of commodities, establish a corporate image and lead the market. Throughout the modeling design of modern packaging containers, there are a variety of quality and value concepts, and the modeling styles are rich and diverse. We should not only consider the physical and chemical factors such as product content, content, capacity, specifications, but also reflect the contemporary social values and consumer life forms, enhance the added value of products with high-quality design, and convey the spirit of corporate culture

packaging container design is a three-dimensional modeling activity. The means of modeling is through industrialized technical processing. Technical factors make the container modeling obtain a unique modern style, which represents the cultural spirit of modern society. The packaging container is different from the plane expansion of general packaging design, which needs to involve various factors such as the nature of contents, material selection, mechanical properties, man-machine relationship, production technology, etc., which to a certain extent limit the imagination and creativity of designers, and can not arbitrarily and subjectively determine the appearance of the packaging container. To overcome difficulties and limitations and design a unique and personalized packaging container form, on the one hand, creative thinking and high-level professional quality are required, on the other hand, we should be good at seeking creative ideas and developing conceptual ideas from different design points

requirements for innovative design

first, it should be suitable for the use characteristics of commodities

it should be suitable for the use characteristics of commodities, that is, the practicality of packaging container design, which should be considered first in the design. It is a concrete manifestation of practicality to conform to the natural attributes of the contents in structure and shape. For example, due to the volatility of perfume, the mouth of perfume bottle should be smaller, so that the perfume flavor can be preserved longer, and it is easy to control the dose when pouring out for use. The volume of beverage packaging containers is best designed according to the basic standard that ordinary people can drink it all at once, which not only does not waste resources, but also is convenient for consumers to carry

second, barrier design

generally speaking, packaging container design pursues convenience in use, but there are also special cases. Because children are naive in cognition and behavior, they often open the packaging containers of drugs and chemicals and eat them by mistake when the guardian is negligent. Therefore, it is of profound and positive social significance to deliberately design some operational barriers on the packaging containers. The barrier container design is a new design for children's safety. It relies on wisdom rather than strength to open, thus eliminating the potential danger of products to children. For example, the "press down and then rotate" closure design of "Merrill Lynch" children's antipyretic preparation needs to press the bottle cap down while rotating to open it. Otherwise, it can't be opened by rotating anyway, which can prevent children from opening it without authorization. Barrier container design is the most noble design, which fully reflects the humanized significance of design and expresses the ultimate concern for people

third, adapt to the use environment

the improvement of living standards and the awakening of consumption consciousness make traveling become the trend of the times. Therefore, the design of packaging containers also needs to consider the specific place of use, conditions and their relationship with the environment, endow packaging containers with different characteristics, and make the design enter the predetermined target market. For example, whether the beverage packaging container can be drunk after being opened (cans are a common form), and there is no need for cups to facilitate outdoor use, and whether the material selection of the packaging container can adapt to the harsh outdoor use conditions and environment

IV. conform to ergonomics

the packaging container directly interacts with people, and its shape design should meet the requirements of ergonomics, including physiological, psychological and information sensing. The container shape with affinity and humanization should be designed to be better used by people. For example, designing some convex points or lines around the bottle cap can increase friction and facilitate opening, especially when the palm is sweating and wet. The size and weight of the packaging container should meet the general requirements of human physiology. For example, the diameter of the can should not be too large, and the capacity should be appropriate, so that it can be held with one hand

v. hint and guidance of operation and use

in addition to realizing the basic functions, a good packaging container should also have a clear indication function design. The shapes of different packaging containers should have clear differences. For example, the shapes of "pinching" and "grasping" by hand cannot be confused. Through the change and comparison of structure, shape, color and texture, it can form the hint and guidance of visual language. If necessary, some accessories can also be designed to clearly convey the operation mode of the packaging container in its own formal language. For example, the outlet design of hand sanitizer container should enable people to judge how to operate, whether to press or rotate, when using it for the first time, and should give hints and guidance in a clear form and semantics

VI. new modeling fashion trend

with the continuous development of social culture and the change of the trend of design art, people have new requirements for the appearance design of packaging containers, and the aesthetic taste and spiritual connotation of packaging container design are becoming increasingly important. Designers must have a sense of artistic aesthetics and a judgment of design inspiration, so that they can obtain high-profile visual effects with unique creative design in terms of specifications, shapes, materials and detailed shapes, and grasp the new fashion trend to dominate the market with a keen eye

VII. High value-added design

for the design of packaging containers, we should advocate customer first, improve the consumption grade of products with excellent design, and increase the added value of products. It enables people to obtain a unique universal experimental machine from the high-grade design and modeling style of packaging containers, with stable display, high precision Easy to use "identity "Sense is the essence of high value-added design. To improve the added value of goods, we must take the lead in the same

products with unique design creativity, and express the high harmony between internal function and quality and human personality value demands in a specific visual form of products, so as to have an advantage in the fierce market competition and obtain high profits.

VIII. Bionic design

under the control of natural forces, the biological world is full of mysterious diversity With complexity, it has become a model for modeling. The inspiration of bionic design is that users can modify the analysis method, but it should go beyond nature and cannot simply imitate the shape of natural objects. Taking natural form as the basic element, the designer grasps the internal vitality and essence of natural objects through the expression of artistic techniques such as refinement, abstraction and exaggeration, and conveys the life force contained in its internal structure, so that the packaging container design not only has a simple and pure visual effect, but also contains rich artistic spirit and value connotation

IX. embodiment of traditional culture

today's world is an era in which eastern and Western cultures conflict and blend with each other. The strength of western culture has led to internationalist design styles on a global scale. However, many people of insight clearly realize that national traditional culture is the fertile soil of all arts. It is of great practical significance to reflect the spiritual essence of national culture and show distinctive regional aesthetic culture and style characteristics in the design of packaging containers. While emphasizing traditional culture, don't go into the dogmatic national complex. Nationalization is by no means retro. We should get rid of the misunderstanding that "the more national, the more international"

therefore, in design practice, we should not only copy some national designs, which makes the design superficial, but should integrate the spiritual essence of national culture into the design, such as the creation principle of natural harmony, the layout style of axis balance, etc., or reinterpret the traditional cultural symbols with modern design techniques such as breaking up, reorganization, collage, etc., so that the national traditional culture can obtain new recognition in the new era, Glow with more charming style

The perfume bottle in Figure 1 gets rid of the shackles of traditional modeling thinking with innovative design ideas. Its unique shape is fresh, elegant and full of interest, and its slender and regular line shape shows a specific feminine emotional appeal

the design of perfume bottle in Figure 2 is to pursue a dynamic rhythm and composition with a variety of natural shapes. The overall image is like a beautiful, elegant, noble and moving woman, as if telling a love story. The allegorical narrative style makes the work give people organic beauty and strong appeal

the shape of the field sports kettle in Figure 3 has two characteristics: the perforated body and the use of stainless steel, which are both considered to be positioned in the field environment. Pay attention to the space in the middle, but the polyurethane material, which is better than the polystyrene board, is out of date. The hole design is not only convenient for hand-held, in line with ergonomics, but also the contrast between the virtual space shape and the peripheral solid parts, producing a kind of aesthetic feeling and smooth artistic effect. Stainless steel is solid and suitable for field use, while metal material shows a unique high-grade

the cosmetic container in Figure 4 has a strong sense of three-dimensional geometric modeling. Its intuitive appearance is abstracted from the folds of clothes and skirts. It gathers the deepening and expression of ideas in simplicity and purity, emphasizes the rhythmic relationship of light and shadow changes in modeling composition, and reflects a high degree of accuracy and rationalism style

Figure 5 shows a combination series of cosmetics, which can be freely combined to save space. Although a single shape is simple, it pursues the rich and unpredictable continuous visual effects brought by different combinations. The design of different colors is convenient to distinguish the categories of cosmetics at a glance


no matter what basis is used to carry out the design, the value and significance of packaging container design are first reflected in the relationship between people and things, which reflects the care for people from different cognitive levels. Only by deeply studying the lifestyles and values of various types of people can we expand the concept and conception of design on a variety of basis points, create a friendly and pleasant packaging container shape, meet the diversified and personalized needs of consumers with innovative design, and create a new style of packaging container shape

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