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Application status and development trend of aluminum alloy friction stir welding (Part 2)

2 Application of aluminum alloy friction stir welding in the field of shipbuilding

at present, based on the great advantages and potential industrial application prospects of friction stir welding in welding methods, mechanical properties, manufacturing costs and environment, friction stir welding has been deeply and carefully studied and developed in the field of shipbuilding. Shipbuilding requires not only the increase of speed, but also the improvement of load performance per unit price when the bent core is fixed on the bent core seat. Therefore, the shipbuilding should use aluminum alloy materials as much as possible to reduce the weight of the ship. However, the traditional connection methods of aluminum alloy materials are rivet connection and arc welding connection. Riveting increases the use of manufacturing time, manpower and materials, while aluminum alloy fusion welding is prone to deformation, defects and smoke, which also limits the use of arc welding on aluminum alloy components. Therefore, with the development of friction stir welding technology, It is an inevitable and revolutionary progress in the development of shipbuilding technology to use friction stir welding to realize highly integrated preformed modular manufacturing to replace the traditional manufacturing of ship plate stiffener structure

the application of friction stir welding in the preformed structural parts of ship light alloy has obvious advantages in appearance, weight, performance, cost and manufacturing time. It can be used not only for the manufacture of ship light alloy structural parts, but also for on-site assembly. It provides a new connection method for modern ship manufacturing. Notice that friction stir welding replaces fusion welding to realize the manufacture of light alloy structural parts, It is another leap in the development of modern welding technology

fsw technology has a wide application prospect in shipbuilding, marine industry and aerospace industry. Structures suitable for welding with FSW technology include: butt welding of plates such as deck, siding and bulkhead, welding of aluminum extrusions, welding of hull and stiffeners, welding of helicopter landing platform to achieve shorter cycle and higher output, etc. At present, this technology has been used to weld aluminum alloy structural parts with an upper length of 20 m in the speedboat, and the total length of the weld is more than 500 km. 3、 The development trend of friction stir welding of aluminum alloys in China, the Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Manufacturing Engineering and the China friction stir welding center, the technical cooperation center of friction stir welding of twi in the UK, have made great progress in the basic method research of friction stir welding, the research and development of material application, the design, manufacture and sales of friction stir welding equipment, etc. (1) At present, the elastic modulus of peek in the center is very close to that of bones. Comprehensive research and engineering research are being carried out on friction stir welding in the manufacturing of aerospace rocket tubes, which will ultimately harm all polyurethane exterior wall insulation materials industry and consumers, the manufacturing of friction stir welding between aircraft frames, skins and structures, the manufacturing of marine light alloys, and the rapid manufacturing of aluminum alloy profiles of high-speed trains. In addition, while undertaking national defense research and assembly projects, we have also strengthened horizontal cooperation and technical cooperation with enterprises and universities. (2) In terms of the manufacturing of friction stir welding equipment, three categories and six forms of friction stir welding equipment have been designed, and two professional friction stir welding equipment have been manufactured and delivered for Harbin University of technology and East China Institute of shipbuilding industry in March 2003 (Figure 2 shows the first professional friction stir welding equipment designed and manufactured by China friction stir welding center). (3) In terms of engineering applications, aluminum alloy friction stir welding will be first applied in power transmission and transformation, high-speed trains, new generation fighter aircraft and new carrier rockets. 4、 Conclusion friction stir welding, as a new welding technology, will have a revolutionary impact on the connection manufacturing of light alloy materials such as aluminum alloy. Based on the breakthrough of this connection technology in welding methods, it is expected that friction stir welding technology will fundamentally change the design and manufacturing baseline of military and civilian products such as aircraft, rockets, high-speed trains, missile speedboats, all aluminum alloy combat vehicles, etc

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