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Hyundai launched a "healthy cockpit" to regulate the driver's mood

according to foreign media reports, Hyundai launched a healthy + mobility cockpit at the 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held last month, also known as "healthcare cockpit", which can monitor the driver's expression during driving, It's like a clinical therapist who always accompanies the driver. The essence of this concept is to associate mobility with health and create an in car environment that can improve the driver's attention or make him relax

modern idea - configure various sensors in the car to monitor the driver's physical and psychological state, and track the driver's sitting posture, breathing habits, heartbeat rate, eye movements and facial feature recognition. After summarizing and analyzing the obtained data, we can understand the driver's alertness and emotional state when driving, and the vehicle will formulate an appropriate response plan according to the specific situation. In order to regulate the driver's mood, Hyundai launched a multi-sensory emotional experience

Hyundai explains the coping ability of the healthy + Mobile cockpit from the following five aspects:

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sitting posture: if the posture sensor detects that the driver is distracted or loses alertness, the seat will be automatically adjusted to the vertical position. If the driver is found to be upset or uncomfortable after exploration, the massage function will be activated actively to move the lumbar spine for the driver and relieve his body and mind

taste: when the monitoring system feels that the driver needs to adjust his mood, the healthy cockpit will release different aromatherapy into the car. If the pilot shows slight signs of anger, the healthy cockpit will release lavender or eucalyptus fragrance to calm the nerves. If the driver feels slightly sleepy or yawns repeatedly, the healthy cockpit will release mint or cedar fragrance

lighting: the lighting and interior temperature can be adjusted through the instrument panel, and the driver can be alert through the stimulation of environmental conditions

temperature: the ambient temperature in the car is an important part of the monitoring system. The healthy cockpit can adjust the warm and cold air by itself to meet the needs of users

sound the stock of some steel mills is on the high side: the healthy cockpit can change the environmental atmosphere through music and Radio App applications, which can not only relieve the driver's body and mind, but also improve his vigilance, which will achieve significant social benefits

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modern health and mobility concept provides drivers with a variety of modes to improve their driving efficiency or relax their mood. Many drivers are distracted during driving. The healthy cockpit provides four modes, which helps to ensure the safe driving of the vehicle and the driver's adaptability. The driver does not need to look away from the road to avoid distraction

the four modes available to drivers are enrichment, connection, reflection and check list. Enrichment mode provides drivers with "explore music playlist" materials through the audio system to meet the requirements of audio entertainment. The connection mode will enable the hands-free function, so that the driver can chat with family and friends, alleviate the driver's sense of isolation on the road, and interact with family and friends. Reflection mode is a private voice recorder, which may record the driver's thoughts recorded. "Provides a variety of report printing interfaces and inspiration for future use. Checklist mode is to classify existing applications and complete small tasks through voice commands and integration

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