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Hyundai Kia Automobile Co., Ltd. is the first automobile in the world to use robots for automobile inspection. Hyundai Kia Automobile Co., Ltd. said on the 21st that it has developed a centralized battlefield inspection system for automatic inspection of automobile battlefield departments by robots for the first time in the world

the system unveiled by Hyundai Kia on the same day was developed to comprehensively inspect six safety related systems, including five high-tech driver assistance systems (ADAS), using six robots. This is the result of three years of research and development since 2015, as consumers' preferences for cars with ADAS function have increased recently

so far, most vehicle enterprises have inspected the quality of ADAS in multiple processes according to different functions, so it is difficult to carry out comprehensive start-up tests, and the production efficiency has also decreased. The cooperative robot developed by Hyundai Kia automobile this time can automatically detect six kinds of adas4 and gas spring fatigue testing machine in 85 seconds, and set the experimental parameters: related devices and front driving information marking system (HUD). Polyurethane exterior wall thermal insulation materials are gradually accepted by the market because of their good performance. Collaborative robot is the first one in the world to provide front impact protection allowance (FCA), vehicle collision prevention allowance (LKA), rear collision avoidance allowance (BCA), intelligent cruise control system (SCC), ring around stereo system (SVM), etc. in a single project

in the future, Hyundai Kia plans to give priority to the use of wood testing machine equipment for Hyundai cars, such as Ulsan plant, Alabama plant, Kia sukhare plant and Georgia plant

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