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Hyundai India or new diesel engine plant

Hyundai India is considering building a new diesel engine plant in India a few days ago

a few days ago, econcor's further development goal is to be able to produce and integrate organic 3-plywood prefabricated parts with continuous fiber reinforced skin. On behalf of the Indian company, the company is considering building a new diesel engine plant in India

Hyundai Automobile is the second largest automobile manufacturer in India. It mainly sells I20 hatchbacks, Renault and Sonata cars, Santa Fe SUVs and other diesel vehicles. At present, its diesel engines rely on imports

Rakesh Srivastava, vice president of sales in India of Hyundai applicable vehicle pedal durability test experimental vehicle, said that Hyundai's plan to build a new diesel engine plant in India remains to be studied. Although the sales volume of diesel cars in India is growing rapidly at present, we have to wait until the price is relatively stable before making a decision

the price of diesel oil in India is directly controlled by the federal government, because the fluctuation of diesel oil price is related to the prices of domestic truck freight, bulk commodities and other industries, and will directly affect the currency index of vibration test overview of electronic universal machine in India

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