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Korea Telecom launched a new AI hotel in Seoul

-- Giga Genie Hotel platform to create a new experience for guests

-- Korea Telecom plans to build three more hotels and promote the AI platform to other hotels

Seoul, South Korea, August 7, 2018/AP/-- Korea's largest telecom company - KT Corp. (krx: 030200; nyse: KT) with its innovative AI technology, This technology is relatively mature and reliable to open a new era in the hotel industry

Novotel Seoul dongdamen Ambassador Hotel, the first AI hotel of Korea Telecom, opened near dongdamen, Seoul, South Korea on July 3. The hotel has 523 rooms and a roof swimming pool

Korea Telecom opened the first domestic hotel providing AI room service in Seoul last month -- Novotel Ambassador Seoul Dongdaemun Hotels & Residences. The company plans to build three more similar hotels in Seoul by 2020 in cooperation with major global hotel chains such as Accor, Hyatt and Marriott

Choi Il Sung, CEO of KT estate, a real estate company owned by Korea Telecom, said, "we integrate the latest technology of Korea Telecom with luxury hotel services to create a hotel with innovative concepts. In our AI Hotel, people can experience new services that no other hotel in the world has."

this new AI service platform is called Giga Genie Hotel, which is a customized version of Giga genie. Giga genie is the world's first ai home media center, developed by Korea Telecom in January 2017. This machine has simple operation. This voice operated AI platform has more than 1million users. It displays instructions through touch-screen devices or ultra-high definition TV screens. At present, it can recognize Korean and English

this AI hotel has 523 rooms, a rooftop swimming pool and a number of restaurants, including the food exchange restaurant, the gourmet bar lobby bar and the social 21 poolside bar, which are open all day. The hotel is owned by KT estate Inc. Accor Ambassador Korea will manage the hotel according to Accor hotels' global operating standards

in order to realize the diversification of future revenue portfolio, Korea Telecom also plans to promote its AI platform to Marriott and other hotels. The first hotel to adopt this platform is l'escape, a boutique hotel opened by Shinsegae Inc. in downtown Seoul last month. Genie platform is also applicable to apartments, resorts and hospitals

Genie system makes the wish of voice controlled room service come true

Giga Genie hotel is a multi-functional voice recognition information entertainment system. You can control the lighting, temperature and TV of the hotel room with voice commands, such as "genie, please set the room temperature to 20 degrees". You can also send requests for toiletries and other supplies through voice

at present, the system supports ± 0.5% of the Korean setting value in Chinese and English, and other languages such as Chinese and Japanese will be added in the future. Korea Telecom also plans to provide more concierge services for Genie Hotel platform, such as checking hotel bills, check-out and payment of fees for mini bar and room service

Genie provides local information

guests staying at Novotel Seoul East Gate ambassador hotel can also rent a genie free of charge from Incheon International Airport or the Korean Telecom roaming center at the hotel front desk. This is an intelligent concierge service device, equipped with applications for local and overseas calls, use data, view traffic and tourism information, as well as room control system and tax refund

as a supporting service of the AI Hotel platform, this intelligent service that provides wireless Internet connection is more useful for guests in non Korean regions. Genie has built-in various tourism information, including nearby restaurants recommended by hotel operators, as well as major scenic spots and festival information provided by the Korea Tourism Organization

by updating these information for hotel guests, Korea Telecom hopes Genie can help promote the development of local communities and economies. This new hotel is close to the East Gate fashion shopping center, which is popular with foreign tourists, as well as modern art and historical sites

in addition to hotel services, Korea Telecom also used AI intelligent building management technology in Novotel Seoul East Gate Ambassador Hotel

gigaeyes is an intelligent video monitoring and image analysis service, which can detect intruders inside and outside the hotel in real time. It can also be used as an all-weather fire monitor. In addition, KTM also uses KT MEG to optimize energy management. KT MEG can display energy consumption data and predict and control energy demand during peak hours by analyzing big data

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Korea Telecom Corporation (krx: 030200; nyse: the Ministry of industry and information technology organized the preparation of the "implementation plan of cleaner production technology in rare earth industry (Exposure Draft)" KT) introduction

Korea Telecom Corporation is the largest telecom service provider in Korea. It was re established in 1981 according to the "Korea Telecom Business Law". At present, it leads the innovation era in this country with the closest ties in the world. The company is leading the fourth industrial revolution with high-speed wired/wireless networks and innovative information and communication technology (ICT). After installing 4.5 million fixed lines for 20million users in 12 years, Korea Telecom became the first telecom company to launch 5g large-scale pilot service in 2018. This is another big step forward for Korea Telecom in its continuous efforts to provide basic products and services and seek to become the number one ICT company and the "people's company"

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