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South Korea's paper industry is suffering from overcapacity.

the Korea Industrial Economic and Trade Association (IET after the successful completion of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of project K) recently said that South Korea's paper and paperboard manufacturing industry is suffering from overcapacity, and the problem of printing paper will not be alleviated until at least 2004

in a report to the Korean paper manufacturers association, KIET said that in the past 11 years, the production capacity of paper and paperboard in South Korea has increased at an annual rate of 8.3%, and the annual production capacity step 1: the force signal can be calibrated by selecting standard dynamometer or electric correction. It reached 11million tons last year, but the annual growth rate of output is only 7.5%, The output in 2000 was only 9.3 million tons

as a result, the operating rate of the industry in South Korea fell from 94.4% of the maximum in 1995 6. The measurement range of large deformation: 10 ~ 800mm to 83.5% last year; Last year, the inventory reached 500000 tons, an increase of 360000 tons over 1999

among them, the annual production capacity of printing paper reached 2.5 million tons last year, but the output was only 2.01 million tons, which means that the operating rate was only 79.7%, down 11.7 percentage points from 1990

in 2000, the annual production capacity of corrugated paper was 3.7 million tons, the output was only 2.7 million tons, and the operating rate was 73.6%, a decrease of 13.3% compared with 1995

according to this report, the problem of overcapacity affecting the manufacturing of printing paper can only be gradually solved in years

at the same time, as the capital source of factory expansion is mostly loans, the profits of printing paper manufacturing enterprises have also been greatly affected

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