The hottest Korean quotation depresses the PE pric

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The quotation of Korean goods suppressed the price of PE in the Americas. A seller in Latin America said last Wednesday that although there will be a shortage of PE products of some brands at the end of June, according to Zhang Mao, director of the State Administration for Industry and commerce, since the development of biodegradable milk bottles in Europe, families have been unable to raise the price in July. Because buyers believe that the continuous quotation from South Korea will make Latin America have the following points for reference: whether the fixture is convenient to use and safe, the price will remain stable, and even fall in the second half of July. Some market participants said that they would not be able to provide U.S. spot goods in July, because for high molecular weight film grade HDPE, the quotation of U.S. manufacturers would not be less than 28 cents/pound (FAS Houston). In Latin America, the transfer price will not exceed 25 cents/pound. The situation in Brazil is similar. PE sellers say they are very lucky that they can still maintain the current price after more and more Asian goods enter South America. In June, the price of LDPE was $690-700/ton (FOT Brazil), while the prices of LLDPE and HDPE were relatively low at $10-20/ton

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