The hottest Korean radish and cabbage will also be

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Korean radish and cabbage will also be packaged next year. In order to improve environmental pollution, Seoul agricultural and aquatic products commune of South Korea stipulates that radish and cabbage must be packaged and listed from next year

the commune is now formulating a detailed plan. In January next year, it will implement the policy of not packing stored and overwintering cabbages in the kaluodong market in Seoul. In May, it will be implemented in the wholesale markets around Seoul. By 2007, it will be fully implemented throughout the country through government policies. To this end, the Korea Food Research Institute is carrying out specific research on packaging policies. The instruments that use the bridge method to test the principle continue to be used and have developed research. This month, the relevant departments formed this journal to introduce to you the recent case study committee of ofo and BASF, moBay and dow chemical cooperation

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