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Korenix Industrial Ethernet exchanger and other two products have passed ul508 certification

korenix kololis (Beier Electronics Group) jetnet series: Industrial tubular, non tubular exchanger and jetbox series: industrial embedded computer many products have passed ul508 safety certification in the United States. Through the UL 508 industrial equipment safety standard, it represents the guarantee of korenix's products in terms of safety performance, and faces difficulties: whether it is used for construction, it meets the high-level safety and reliability requirements of the international market. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is an independent product safety certification organization. The results of in vitro drug release experiments show that pilocarpine can be continuously released from phe-ma for 24 hours. UL is committed to product testing and the preparation of safety standards. UL 508 is a UL safety standard specially formulated for industrial control equipment

welcome to korenix kololis (Beier Electronics Group) through UL 508 safety products:

Industrial Ethernet exchanger: jetnet 2005, jetnet 2005f, jetnet 3010g, jetnet 3018g

Web tubular Ethernet exchanger: jetnet 4010, jetnet 4510, jetnet 4510f

Gigabit tubular Ethernet oil return pipe oil-free flow exchanger: jetnet 5010g, jetnet 5012g, Jetnet 5018g

embedded routing computer: jetbox 9430-w

among them, korenix jetnet 5018g is equipped with 16 10/100tx Fast Ethernet ports and 2 Gigabit SFP combo ports, which can form 8 fast rings and 1 Gigabit ring. It is suitable for single machine high bandwidth solutions, can provide high stability for long-distance communication applications, and supports advanced L2 management features, including lldp, QoS, 255 VLAN, IGMP snooping, GMRP SNMP, MSR and RSTP network redundancy technology. The NMS management software jetview pro of korenix provides all product topologies in the industrial network environment, and has the function of managing each ring. Therefore, it has become the best choice for outdoor long-distance applications that need high performance, multi ring, high network security and high reliability

JetNet 510. The main features of 018g, which provides programmable automatic experiment program, are as follows:

16 10/100 TX ports and 2 Gigabit RJ-45/SFP combo optional ports (10/100/1000 base TX, 1000base-x)

non blocking switching performance, single machine high bandwidth solution

support korenix patented MSR technology, Up to 9 RSR redundant rings

support IEEE 1588 precise clock synchronization protocol standard for clock synchronization

support jumbo frame transmission up to 9216 bytes

support rstp/stp, 256 802.1Q VLAN groups, QoS and up to 8 aggregation groups

support IGMP snooping, GMRP for multicast information management

support LLDP Link Layer Discovery Protocol, For network topology status update

support jetview Pro network management software

support SNMP v1/v2c/v3, RMON for remote management

advanced security management functions include: ip/port security, 802.1x and ACL access control list

24v (VDC) redundant power input

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