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SKC of South Korea has put into operation a polyurethane device with an annual output of 200000 tons in Poland.

SKC, which is engaged in the production of industrial films in South Korea, recently announced that its polyurethane device in dzierzoni ó w Special Economic Zone in southwest Poland has been completed and put into operation

the polyurethane device produces 200900 tons of polyurethane raw materials per year, which are used for the production of car seats, housing and refrigeration facilities

the main suppliers of new device products are Korean cars in the region and home appliance manufacturers in Russia and Europe. The facility will also serve as a base for SKC to export chemicals from its plant in Ulsan, South Korea, to Europe. We all know that the installation of large-scale equipment will be troublesome

SKC now plans to build three other units in India and Southeast Asia before 2013, in order to increase its polyurethane capacity in this region to 100000 tons/year

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