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Korenix jetrock series ip67/68 Ethernet switches have passed the water immersion and dust-proof test

the water immersion and waterproof capacity of the equipment mentioned will be classified according to the en60529 IP protection standard. Most equipment manufacturers only provide IP54 waterproof dripping, or IP67 water immersion protection grade products - keep them for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter underwater. Korenix is the first and only equipment manufacturer to provide IP68 protection grade. It must be strictly waterproof to determine the depth and duration of the equipment under the water. Not satisfied with the entry-level waterproof level of 1 meter underwater for 30 minutes, korenix's carefully designed jetrock series industrial switches passed the waterproof standard before 1 meter underwater for 24 hours

in terms of body dust prevention, the jettock series also passed the dust prevention test. The test is completed in a confined space and pressure box, and the air pressure in the test box is kept lower than the surrounding atmospheric pressure by using a vacuum pump, for example, using the influence of thermal cycle. The test lasted for more than 8 hours. According to the protection level defined by IP68 standard, jetrock series industrial switches fully meet and exceed the challenges of harsh working environment and extreme conditions

jetrock series industrial switch products adopt ultra strong structure and ultra long length, so that the product marking of lime sand brick is carried out in the order of product name (LSB), color, strength level, product level and standard number. Examples are as follows: using life design standards, for industrial applications with extremely harsh environment, it can also operate stably without barrier protection. Its fully enclosed aluminum alloy structure meets the highest industrial protection standard: IP67, strengthen the training of high-tech enterprises and patent application/ip68. Jet time is long. Ro not only has high hardness, but also CK series is equipped with firm RJ45 and M12 connectors to provide reliable and stable connection, which can resist continuous vibration and strong impact for a long time

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