The hottest Korean petrochemical market is facing

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According to media reports here, although the overall situation of petrochemical products is rising, some domestic products in the Korean market are facing the low price offensive of foreign enterprises

some people in the industry said that some enterprises producing propylene hydrochloric acid such as Malaysia and Japan have encountered anti-dumping tariffs in China, so it is almost impossible to export to China. Therefore, these enterprises are entering the Korean market at a low price recently

Korean enterprises were prosecuted by China for anti-dumping last year, so it has been very difficult to export to China. At present, these enterprises are facing the impact of the performance characteristics of the third domestic common universal material testing machine, and are suffering from double pain. It is speculated that the third country propylene hydrochloric acid entering the Korean market at present is about 30000 to 40000 tons a year. In order to resist the low price offensive of foreign products, Korean enterprises are currently afraid to raise prices. Therefore, the price of propylene hydrochloric acid is still at the low level at the end of last year, with us $800 per ton

at the same time, the poly (vinyl chloride) of the United States but countries with higher profits, Iran and other countries are the requirements of various models of gas spring experiments, and olefins are also dumping to the Korean market from time to time. However, because PVC is very popular, the impact of these dumped products is not large

local industry insiders believe that since China has strengthened anti-dumping measures against petrochemical products after its accession to the WTO, the competition stage of some products will shift to South Korea in the future. South Korea must take immediate measures to deal with this

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