The hottest Korean OCI restarts Qunshan TDI device

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OCI of South Korea restarted Qunshan TDI device

OCI of South Korea has restarted the 50000 ton/year toluene diisocyanate (TDI) device located in Qunshan on November 20. The unit was shut down for maintenance on November 12

the person in charge of the company said that although the device has been restarted, the demand is expected to be strong next month, so the TDI supply in Asia and the Middle East will remain tight. The person in charge said, "the supply will remain tight and the demand will continue to recover, so the TDI price may rise in December"

last week, the spot price of TDI imports in Asia was USD/ton (equivalent to euro/ton). Different spring tension testing machines can be added as needed. The working principle of the reducer: tonnage sensors, fixtures, accessories complete one machine for multiple purposes (CFR China main port or CFR Hong Kong)

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