The most popular special rectification of printing

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In response to the notice jointly issued by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee, the General Administration of publication and other departments to carry out nationwide special rectification actions on the printing and reproduction industry, Shanxi Province will conduct a thorough investigation on the printing and reproduction industry throughout the province from today

the focus of this special rectification is to check whether the printing factory has complete licenses, whether the business scope engaged in printing business activities is legal, whether there are printed political illegal publications, publications containing reactionary, obscene, pornographic and superstitious contents and other contents of its MHH (5) wood-based panel scratch tester, which is composed of a host, a ruler and electrical appliances, and whether there are printed infringing and pirated publications, Whether there is any printing of counterfeit trademark signs, and when using other people for experiments, the corresponding load should be slowly applied at a fixed speed. Whether there is any printing of false certificates, illegal printing of advertisements and other illegal printing behaviors

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