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Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, member of the Secretariat of the CPC Central Committee and the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, the impurity content is still very high

Sany group is a private engineering machinery manufacturing enterprise, of which Sany Heavy Industry is the only listed company in China's machinery manufacturing industry that has entered the global top 500 enterprises by market value

Sany's products once played an important role in the rescue of the Chilean mine disaster in 2010 and the Fukushima nuclear leak in 2011. In January this year, we acquired the German Putzmeister company, a leading enterprise in the global concrete machinery industry. In addition, we have previously established R & D and manufacturing bases in the United States, Germany, India and Brazil. Sany has joined many Chinese enterprises that have gone global, Fully participate in global market competition

the goal of Sany is to achieve "quality changes the world". The so-called "quality changes the world", in short, is to change the world image of Chinese products with high product quality and service, which is also the career ideal of me and all Sany people

in the development of Sany, Party building has become the core force to promote the development of enterprises, an important part of Sany's core competitiveness and a core factor for Sany to achieve scientific development

the Party committee of Sany group was established in 2002, with 3 hierarchical Party committees, 6 general Party branches and 53 party branches. The number of Party members is 5186, accounting for 9% of the total number of employees. Over the past 10 years, the Party committee of Sany group has continuously innovated and actively explored the party building work in non-public enterprises. Our practices can be summarized into three "three" working methods:

the first "three" are "three modernizations", namely, the institutionalization, informatization and internationalization of the party building work. Institutionalization of Party building work: first, institutionalization of time. The company stipulates that "three meetings and one lesson" must be carried out on the weekend of the second week of each month; Second, the funds are institutionalized. In addition to the fixed party fees, the group company also provides Party Affairs funds of no less than 200 yuan per capita each year, establishes Party committee buildings and enterprise party schools, and opens Party member training courses in the Central Party school. The informatization of Party building work includes the informatization of dynamic management of Party members, the global video of "three meetings and one lesson" of Party members, the informatization of Sany party newspapers and party journals, and the establishment of Party building stations. The internationalization of Party building is Sany's "where the business is carried out, the party organization is set up and the party's work is extended". At present, Sany has established overseas party branches in the United States, Germany, India and Brazil, and the work of the Brazilian party branches has also been highly recognized by the Ministry of foreign affairs and the Chinese Consulate in Sao Paulo

the second "three" is "three double", that is, the "double training, double promotion and double promotion" in the work of Sany party building. "Double training" means cultivating excellent employees into Party members and Party members into working backbones; "Double promotion" refers to the selection of outstanding Party members' managers as party affairs workers and the recommendation of outstanding party affairs workers to the management decision-making level; "Double promotion" means to promote development through Party building and Party building through development. In Sany, you don't have to be a party member to get promoted, but you must have a correct understanding of the party and submit an application for Party membership. In 2011, nearly 560 outstanding Party members of the group took up important jobs, accounting for 56% of the total number of cadres promoted

the third "three" is "Three Combinations". The first combination is that Party organizations at all levels of the group are highly integrated with business organizations. Branch secretaries and top administrative leaders of business divisions, subsidiaries and functional headquarters. If the top administrative leaders are not party members, Party members and cadres should be appointed as branch secretaries and Deputy administrative positions, which is more conducive to work coverage under the premise of organizational coverage; The second combination is the combination of Party building and enterprise culture construction; The third combination is the combination of year-end performance evaluation, business results and Party building results. The company's evaluation of business units and managers is not only to assess business performance, but also to assess party building work. The business results mainly assess indicators such as profit and cash flow, while the party building results mainly assess discipline and law-abiding, integrity and employee satisfaction

through "three modernizations", "three doubles" and "Three Combinations", the political advantages of the party organization and the exemplary leading role of Party members have been fully stimulated in Sany, and the Bryan artificial intervertebral disc of cervical spine, which is composed of titanium, titanium alloy and two different polyurethane (Fig. 5), has rapidly changed into a direct driving force for the development of the enterprise

in Sany, there are several phenomena that everyone can see: first, Party members with good party building work are good employees, and they often achieve greater results after promotion; Second, the organization with strong Party building is also an organization with good business performance. B. the locking screw loose organization of the screw cap under the ball screw. For example, our pumping business unit has developed into the largest concrete machinery manufacturing company in the world. Our Brazilian business unit realized profits in the year when it was founded; Third, the period when the party is well established is a period of good operation. In 2001, before the establishment of the group Party committee, Sany's sales volume was only 620million yuan. Since the establishment of the group Party committee 10 years ago, Sany's sales volume has increased by 61% a year, the total profit and tax has increased by 66% a year, and the sales volume has increased by 120 times. In more than 10 years, we have completed the development process that many western enterprises took more than half a century to complete

the 10-year practice of the Trinity party building work shows that the healthy development of private enterprises needs the party more - the party is needed to grasp the political direction, gather strength, solve problems and recognize the value of life. The reason why many private entrepreneurs run private enterprises is not only the choice of life style and career, but also the feeling and path choice of serving the party and the country

I was born in a rural area. Without the education and training of the party, I would not have had my personal growth and career success. 30 years ago, I first entered the University from the rural area and received a financial aid of 19 yuan per month provided by the party. I am still fresh in my memory of the feeling and happiness at that time. Without gratitude to the party, I would not have the ideal of "quality changing the world"; Without the ideal of "quality changing the world", I would not run a private enterprise. At present, 7 of the 11 directors of Sany are party members. There are also a large number of Party members and activists in the main business posts of the enterprise

following the party and following the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and always being grateful to the party, the motherland and the people have become the core concept of Trinity

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