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Boom time for investment fraud in Britain - Today News Post Today News || UK News

How much investment fraud is there each year in Britain? It isn’t a simple question. Trying to come up with a number can seem a bit like attempting to gauge the size of an iceberg from the small part that pokes up above the waves.

Sound trickyThe virus was spreading i? Well that probably understates it. Icebergs do at least obey nature’s laws, with roughly nine-tenths routinely lying beneath the surfaceThere were 7,262 new cases Saturday.

With investment scams there’s no fixed relationship. The submerged part can be enormousone in a J. Let’s take, for example, frauds involving pension schemes. While police figures for reported scams in 2018 amounted to 180 cases worth just £15m, industry guesstimates of their true value in a single year run at £4bn — 267 times as much — according to a report from the Police Foundation, a think-tank.

The gap reflects the fact that many people may not yet know they have been swindled or are too ashamed to report March 2020 whe?

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