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Example of "deep cutting method" used to correct thread error (2)

d2 acts on d2max and D2 is single d2min

d2 acts =d2 is single + (fp+fa/2) =18.230+0.0866+0.0356=18.3522mm

because D2 acts =18.3522 d2max=18.334mm, this external thread is a waste

d2 action -d2max=18 334=0.0182mm

and guide sleeves with different inner diameters are installed on the paddle

d2 single-d2min=18 164=0.066mm

because D2 acts -d2max2 single -d2min, this scrap is a thread that can be corrected by deep cutting method. That is, the acting pitch diameter of the thread exceeds the maximum limit size of the pitch diameter of the thread, making the thread unqualified, but it is a waste product caused by too many solid materials, plus meeting the condition D2 action -d2max2 single -d2min. Therefore, the deep cut method can be used to correct the error

II. Corrective measures

one of the corrective measures, using corrective FP fa/2 (!.! Method), but this method is more troublesome and sometimes impossible. For the situation of this example, a simple and practical method to correct the error can be adopted below, that is, the second of the following measures.

the second of the corrective measures, that is, the deep cutting method:

in action diameter reduction

D2 action =d2 action -d2min=18..334=0.0182

that is, the amount of thread single pitch diameter turning is D. in addition to ixsenic technology, D2 single =0.0182mm

thread single after turning One pitch diameter is:

d'2 single =d2 single -dd2 single =18 0182=18.2118

d'2 single =18.2118 d2min=1 tensile strength of reinforcement and other places 8.164


reduce the D2 single

(18.230) of the original super poor fake waste thread by 0.0182mm, and you can get qualified products from a world-famous large-scale modern aluminum profile manufacturing enterprise with an annual production capacity of 300000 tons


d2 single maximum reduction, turn the single pitch diameter of false waste thread into a smaller maximum dmax:

dmax-d2 single =18 164=0.066mm

single, making it a qualified product again. It should be noted that the variation range of the single reduction of the single pitch diameter D2 of the thread in this example is 0.0182 ~ 0.066mm. Only within this range can the false waste be corrected by the deep cutting method to reduce the reasonable range of the single pitch diameter of the thread. In addition, it should be noted that during the actual correction operation, the reduction of the radial cutting of the thread turning tool should be in the range of 1/2 (0.0182 ~ 0.066) mm

this simple and practical deep cutting method can be used not only for the error correction of this kind of common thread fake waste, but also for the error correction of the same nature of other types of thread fake waste, which will not be repeated here

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