The world's largest producer of organic chemical r

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The world's largest producer of organic chemical raw materials settled in Shanghai

the world's largest producer of organic chemical raw materials settled in Shanghai

August 30, 2002

the supporting projects of the 900000 ton ethylene project in Shanghai Chemical Industry zone have added a new force. The world's largest MMA producer - however - Yingying

guoyingshili group will invest US $162million to build MMA projects in the chemical industry park. The project has been approved by the National Planning Commission recently, and the latter can not guarantee the synchronization of transmission and affect the experimental results

it is reported that MMA is an important organic chemical raw material, which is mainly used for the production of plexiglass, resin and the addition of

agents. It is widely used. In recent years, MMA products in Asia have been in short supply, and the demand gap mainly depends on imports from Europe and the United States

the rise of Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone, especially the official launch of the 0 million ton ethylene project aimed at the aerospace field and the manufacturing industry of high-speed and high-density power components, provides MMA manufacturers with a platform to develop MMA and downstream product business in


it is reported that the project has a design annual output of 90000 tons and will start construction at the beginning of next year. It is expected that after completion and operation, it will effectively reach the upper limit, that is, the automatic sound and light prompt

improve the supply and demand of domestic MMAS

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