Example 14 of glass bottle packaging with the hott

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Bottle structure: example of glass bottle packaging (XIV)

(22) according to the manufacturing method of bottle highlight, backlight and reflection are made in the same way, and the final effect of wine bottle is shown in the figure

(23) execute the [file] → [open] command, open the wine label plane expansion exported by croeldraw 12 before, and pop up the [rasterization] dialog box, as shown in the figure to set. After rasterization, a file with transparent background will appear, as shown in the figure

(24) press shift+ctrl+n to add a new layer in the transparent background file. The accuracy can meet the requirements, and fill it with white. In the [layer] area where food packaging is the most used film, drag the layer under the original layer, as shown in Figure 9 - press the "stop" key 76 after rising to the predetermined height. Merge the layers, select [move tool] and drag it to the current wine bottle effect drawing, as shown in the figure

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