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Example analysis of tobacco brand packaging design principles (II)

cigarette packaging design, as an important part of tobacco industry design, must inherit and explore the traditional art of the Chinese nation, weed out the old and bring forth the new, and design cigarette packaging with both national style and era characteristics

(I) principles of highlighting the personality of tobacco brands

the packaging design of tobacco brands is one of the important carriers to publicize the personality of tobacco brands. Double click on the curve board. Especially in the current situation that the mainstream consumer group of tobacco has a considerable taste of life, from the initial "quantity satisfaction" to the pursuit of "quality satisfaction" or even "emotional satisfaction", all tobacco enterprises are willing to spare no effort to give full play to the advertising role of tobacco packaging. Because in the face of fierce competition, there will be fierce competition between design and brand with deep market color. For example, "China" is a typical representative of traditional works, which has epoch-making significance. The background color of bright red is full, solemn, very durable, with a strong festive color. Once the "Zhonghua" cigarette was launched, it can be said that many stars were in favor of the moon, and other cigarette manufacturers followed suit. "Zhonghua" can be called a generation of high-quality cigarette packaging; Besides, "Hongtashan", with white as the background, is simple, generous and clear at a glance, which is a perfect combination of internal and external

(II) the principle of matching the value and quality of tobacco brands

focusing on the packaging design of tobacco brands does not mean unlimited packaging. After all, consumers consume tobacco products themselves, not the packaging of tobacco products. Therefore, the more high-end and imposing the tobacco brand is in the packaging design, the better. For example, in the rural cigarette market, consumers are a considerable group. Most of them only pay attention to price, pay attention to reality, and do not pursue exquisite packaging. In their eyes, the lower the price, the better, or even smoke. The same price, good quality is definitely the first choice. If the tobacco brand wants to occupy the vast rural market, put two steel bars at the bottom of the test piece to align with the two support lines of the test piece respectively, or reduce the price, or remove the exquisite packaging. In the face of expensive production costs, even if the price is reduced to occupy the market, there will certainly be little profit. If the exquisite packaging is removed, it can not only reduce the production cost, but also win the trust of consumers with excellent quality. Why not do it in the tobacco industry? Some tobacco enterprises have promoted cigarette products that can modify the software of electronic universal testing machine or the parameters of electromechanical equipment. The price is quite low but the packaging is very exquisite, but it has not existed for long in the market. The reason is that its exquisite packaging gives consumers the impression that the price of a pack of cigarettes is only about three yuan, and even the packaging cost is not enough. Can the raw materials used in its cigarettes be good? Therefore, it is reasonable for consumers to choose other brands

(III) the principle of highlighting the aesthetic function of tobacco packaging

tobacco packaging has the theory of lifelong advertising of tobacco. The most important point is that it has a very strong aesthetic feeling, and consumers enjoy it, so as to stimulate consumption and desire. Internationally, industrial design, including tobacco packaging, is undergoing an evolution from "form and packaging as the purpose" to "aesthetics as the main body"; The evolution from "technology as the main body" to "demand as the main body"; The evolution from "taking commercial marketing as the main body" to "taking environmental protection as the main body". This also puts forward a new topic for China's industrial packaging. The tobacco packaging is smart and does not pay attention to the outside world, which does not reflect the product innovation consciousness and modern consciousness of famous brand enterprises. The ever-changing market has put forward higher and higher requirements for the aesthetic function of cigarette brands. "Xiaolangdi" brand cigarettes can be called the leader of similar cigarettes in packaging design. "Xiaolangdi" brand cigarette trademark and decoration design image patterns are mainly silver white, slightly yellow substrate, rigorous design, full of strong national art flavor. The earth rock dam is towering and majestic, like a solid water "Great Wall", blocking the middle and cutting off the Yellow River; A clear lake in the reservoir area indicates the prosperity and vigorous development of Luoyang tobacco. The surging Yellow River flows eastward, symbolizing the optimism of Luoyang tobacco factory. The whole package pattern is elegant, concise and lively, with distinctive personality, strong visual impact and aesthetic function

another example is the design of "Golden Mango" cigarette label. Green is the representative color of "mango" cigarettes, which is consistent with the environmental protection of cigarettes. Under green, add the cursive Pinyin of "Golden Mango". The color is noble golden yellow. The lines with the flavor of the times are organically combined with the traditional green. The whole picture is lively and full of visual impact. In addition, the "Golden Mango" brand adopts the current internationally advanced new thermal ink anti-counterfeiting printing technology from cigarettes, small boxes to strip boxes. The three green words "Golden Mango" on the package of strip boxes and small boxes become colorless when reaching a certain temperature, and green appears again after cooling. The packaging design of the boutique "Golden Mango" is quite ingenious

another example is the famous Japanese "Seven Star" cigarette label design. "Seven Star" brand cigarettes are the "masterpiece" of Japan International Tobacco Corporation. In the global tobacco industry, it, together with "555", "Marlboro" and other famous brands, dominate the world with their own unique taste, and enjoy a high status and honor among consumers. The number of "seven", which explores new opportunities and new markets in Arab areas such as smart home, high-speed rail, green agriculture and intelligent medical treatment, is an auspicious number in Japanese cultural life. The people call January 7 the first month of the seventh day of each year, and decorate auspicious decorations such as the seven blessing gods at home to pray to the gods. Using "seven stars" as the label, it means that the blessing of seven stars is not only a symbol of peace and happiness in life, but also a symbol of the prosperity of enterprises and brands

taking a large area of white as a part of the main visual language, and taking the design method of combining the abstract points, lines, surfaces and colors in European and American design, it not only retains the national aesthetic thought, aesthetic interest and cultural personality, but also retains the sense of modernity and Modernity of its design. This is not only the design feature of the "Seven Star" cigarette label, but also one of the characteristics of Japanese commodity packaging and decoration design

the image design of cigarette labels is based on "seven" and "Star". From the perspective of composition, the "seven stars" cigarette label is contrary to the classical symmetry of European and American design. It adopts vertical lines and block surface segmentation. The 3/4 standard surface is composed of light gray color blocks with small five pointed stars. The color block is cleverly composed of transparent yellow and large five pointed stars. The shape of "7" is like the twinkling stars in the sky, looming, without losing the hazy beauty. The brand name is marked on the left side of the cigarette label with a position accounting for 1/4 of the whole picture, and is arranged vertically, which is a clever idea. "Seven stars" English brand name has exquisite and handsome font. What is more worth tasting is that between mild and seven, the two small rows of vertical foreign languages and vertical names form a contrast between horizontal and vertical, large and small, far and near, vigorous and beautiful, and echo with the horizontal black foreign languages at the bottom of the gray face on the right. This is the eye of poetry and the finishing touch. The cigarette box seal is also a part that cannot be ignored. The dark gray lined with white stars is not only coordinated with the whole, but also forms different levels of rhythm with the black label, gray surface and white background, so that the cigarette label color language wins with simplicity and elegance. Looking at the whole cigarette label, its design style is fresh, elegant, quiet and natural, from which we can not only see the idea of European and American modern trademark design, but also see a spot of Chinese Confucianism and Taoism spirit accumulated in Japanese culture

generally speaking, the level of tobacco product packaging in China is uneven. This situation has been difficult to meet the needs of consumers, whether from the visual, conceptual, can not arouse consumers' desire to buy. Therefore, outstanding tobacco packaging can convey strong commodity concept, content, style and texture in visual performance, which can make consumers "moved". It should be pointed out that many foreign brands pay attention to the exquisite packaging of products. It should also be pointed out that outstanding packaging and exquisite packaging are not equal to expensive packaging. For example, "Marlboro", after positioning itself as a man's cigarette, links it with the image of the most manly western cowboy. The packaging design is simple and lively. Red represents masculinity, and shows a powerful masculine temperament against the white background. While its products have achieved great success, its tobacco packaging design has also become a classic in the tobacco industry

author of China tobacco brand operation: Xing Pizhen

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