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Bottle structure: examples of glass bottle packaging (I)

glass bottle packaging is mostly used for liquid goods, which has good sealing effect, good light transmittance, smooth and beautiful lines, and can better maintain the chemical stability of objects in the bottle. Commonly used in glass bottle packaging are alcohol, beverages, drugs, etc. 9.1 description of beautiful wine packaging design

this example is an example of the production of glass bottle packaging of foreign wine, including the design and production of front and rear labels of wine bottles and the production of glass bottle effect drawings. As shown in the figure and figure, we are in accordance with the third file, which are the unfolding plan of the wine label of "beautiful wine" and the three-dimensional effect of the finished product in glass cans

preface to design

"beautiful wine" is a dry red wine carefully brewed from the great Champagne region of France. It is amber in color, mellow in fruit taste, slightly alcoholic but not lacking in delicacy, and is deeply favored by wine connoisseurs around the world. Now to be put into the domestic market, in response to the statement issued by J rgen Vig knudstorp, CEO and President of national LEGO company, said: "this is an important step taken by LEGO Group to achieve the goal of majestic and sustainable development materials by 2030, and the general agent has to redesign the wine label.

it is known that the size of beautiful wine bottle is 300mm (high) × 75mm (bottle bottom diameter), as shown in the figure

creative ideas

1. product positioning

"beautiful wine" is positioned to be sold in the domestic high-end market, mainly in liquor stores and supermarket counters, and the consumption target is consumers with certain wine tasting ability and economic ability

2. Design method

when designing the bottle label, we should integrate the local style of France, and the design style should be different from the dull performance of domestic ordinary red wine, giving the bottle label aura with French romantic methods

3. printing ideas

bottle stickers are printed with 220g special antique paper. The printing process can adopt lithographic two-color printing and local bronzing, and the bottle body of wine bottles is subject to special sanding treatment

4. Finished product process

the production process of wine packaging is roughly divided into: design idea → design draft → finalization → prepress production → output film → batch printing → canning → labeling → packing finished products

the task that designers can complete is from the design draft to the production before printing. As shown in the figure, it is the production process in the early stage of "beautiful wine" packaging

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