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Automotive competitiveness of textile materials

Shanghai Automotive interior and exterior decoration exhibition (hereinafter referred to as aiee2011) was grandly held in Shanghai World Trade mall a few days ago. Relying on the strong Chinese market and closely following the pace of industrial development, it displayed the latest materials, technologies and solutions in the automotive interior and exterior decoration industry, providing an efficient docking platform for automotive interior and exterior decoration design and development, trade cooperation, product procurement and technical exchange, It has attracted more than 150 enterprises at home and abroad to participate in the exhibition, with an exhibition area of nearly 8000 square meters

make supply and procurement more professional

in the interview, I learned from Nankai University that the most heard voice is: This is a very professional car interior decoration exhibition, which has built an optimal trade platform for vehicle textile fabric manufacturers and vehicle and interior decoration manufacturers, and actively promoted the wide application of textile fabrics in the automobile interior decoration manufacturing industry

of course, this has also been affirmed by many exhibitors, "during the first time to participate in such a professional exhibition, many interested customers will come, and we will also contact some potential new customers. This platform enables us to communicate directly with vehicle manufacturers, and achieve a variety of effects such as product publicity, product promotion, intra industry communication, etc. we will also participate in the exhibition next year." Jiduo Youhe, the sales director of Shati (Shanghai) hot melt adhesive Co., Ltd. from Switzerland in the Asia Pacific region, introduced in fluent English that aiee2011 is the first automotive interior decoration exhibition in Asia. It is a professional event tailored for the automotive interior and exterior decoration industry from China to the Asia Pacific region, and can show the automotive interior and exterior decoration field new materials, new technologies, new processes, new solutions, etc

"Today's automotive interior and exterior decoration style, design modularization, new technology safety and comfort, sustainable component technology, etc., have been transformed into the competitiveness of automotive manufacturers that most directly affect vertical installation. The aiee2011 platform will vigorously promote the application and development of automotive industry related to automotive manufacturing, such as engineering plastics, polyurethane, special foam materials, styrene materials, sound insulation materials, leather and textile, chemical and other industries. Langsheng is at home Lahuk has conducted a large number of media storage tests in accordance with LV 124 supply specifications, which has played a positive role in promoting the development of China's automotive industry towards light and low-carbon. " Pan Shanda, manager of the organizer Shanghai Fuya Exhibition Co., Ltd., said that due to the first Shanghai Automotive interior and exterior decoration exhibition, the industry influence and exhibition scale may be insufficient. In the coming year, we will actively explore and strengthen the participation of relevant enterprises in the upstream and downstream industry chain of the industry, and strengthen the promotion and cooperation organization of the conference and exhibition. We believe that the second session will show a larger, higher grade and international automotive interior and exterior decoration industry event

lightweight represents the world trend

due to the needs of environmental protection and energy conservation, the lightweight of cars has become the trend of the world's automobile development. It is understood that every 10% reduction in vehicle weight will save 6% - 8% of fuel. At present, the main measure of automobile lightweight is to use high-performance lightweight materials. "Among the energy-saving measures such as improving engine efficiency, reducing air resistance, improving transmission structure and reducing vehicle self weight, reducing vehicle self weight has the best energy-saving effect. Therefore, on the basis of not affecting the performance and safety of the whole vehicle, lightweight, healthy and environmental friendly vehicle sound-absorbing materials are the development trend of the whole automobile manufacturing field." A buyer from a complete vehicle factory talked with him about the future trend of automobiles and the demand method of ISO 11439, ISO 9809, ECE r 110 and other specifications

"At present, most of the sound-absorbing products in the market achieve a certain sound-absorbing effect by increasing the thickness of the material itself. Increasing the thickness will increase the weight per unit area, thus affecting the load capacity of the whole vehicle. A new product developed by our company adopts the 'one-step' production technology to develop a cost-effective polyurethane composite board product, with a thickness of 5 ~ 8mm and a weight of 700 g/m2 ~ 900 g/m2. The product has It has excellent rigidity, dimensional stability and environmental friendliness. This sound-absorbing composite material is made of materials with different functions through hot-melt adhesive, which balances the performance of various materials. When it achieves the same sound insulation effect as most typical sound insulation materials at present, its weight is reduced a lot, which not only reduces the negative weight of the car, but also saves materials. " Fang Jianxiang, head of the marketing department of Zhejiang Huajiang science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., said that the company has strong production capacity. "Foaming", "cutting" and "compounding" all use German imported equipment with high accuracy, and the product market share reaches 60%. Among them, the annual output of various composite materials, PU composite boards and PU foaming products reaches 15million square meters, and provides various composite solutions for the majority of users. PU series mainly includes the development and application of Pu dry composite board, Pu wet foam, light sound-absorbing and heat-insulating PU foam, and PU foam for thermal insulation. At present, the company has also developed from the original single roof canopy to the composite development of other automotive interior materials, such as automotive door interior panels, sunroof sliding covers, automotive engine rooms and other components. The sound insulation pads produced by polyurethane in mold foaming technology are widely used in medium and high-end cars because of their arbitrary shape design, uniform density, good elasticity and excellent acoustic performance

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