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The ozone standard for automatic ambient air monitoring is printed and issued to determine the specific parts of wear. The relevant equipment is "ready to go"

ozone pollution is a secondary pollutant produced by volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) under the influence of high temperature and strong light weather. It is one of the six categories of pollutants in China's daily air quality monitoring. In recent years, the state has paid close attention to atmospheric environmental pollution. PM2.5 and VOCs are the key points of air pollution control. In this regard, the corresponding national management measures and standards have been issued to ensure the orderly implementation of monitoring work

recently, the Ministry of environmental protection issued the implementation plan for the transmission of ozone standards for automatic ambient air monitoring (Trial) and its supporting four operation instructions to promote the improvement of China's ozone monitoring quality control system. It is reported that the implementation plan released this time will improve the quality control system of China's ambient air ozone monitoring, unify the ozone transmission standards and working standards of environmental monitoring institutions and operation and maintenance institutions at all levels throughout the country, and make the transmission of ambient air ozone standards have evidence and rules to follow

as we all know, during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the state has actively taken measures to control atmospheric environmental pollution and achieved certain results. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, the state took the air pollution control work as the current key project, and actively encouraged the environmental monitoring work. Nowadays, various policies are improving day by day, providing strong support for the monitoring work. At the same time, relevant instruments and equipment are "ready to go"

aqms-300 ozone analyzer

aqms-300 ozone analyzer is a gas ozone content detector launched by spotlight technology, which integrates years of experience in the development of environmental and safety monitoring instruments and adopts UV detection technology. The instrument can be widely used in the monitoring of ozone concentration in the quality monitoring of environment and pollution sources, as well as in other fields that need ozone concentration detection, such as meteorology, disinfection, food safety and so on. It has the characteristics of accurate measurement, stable operation and fast response

the instrument is suitable for gas concentration detection in various industrial environments and special environments. It adopts imported electrochemical/UV absorption gas sensor and microcontroller technology, which has fast response speed, high measurement accuracy, good stability and repeatability, and the performance of the whole machine ranks the leading level in China; Various parameters can be customized by users, and the operation is simple. Built in 4000ma high-capacity polymer rechargeable battery, ultra long standby; The 2.4-inch industrial color screen is used to perfectly display various technical indicators and gas concentration values; The historical data can be viewed on the screen, with the functions of storage, data export, temperature and humidity detection, etc

dlhy-601s air ozone meter is a product of Beijing Dongli Huanyu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. This instrument is a new portable on-site ozone quantitative measurement instrument, which is widely used in the on-site quantitative measurement of ozone in indoor air in residential areas, public places, production workshops and living places. The instrument conforms to the national standard method (gb/t18204.); The detection speed only takes 10 minutes for Jixi; It has special sample pretreatment equipment and disposable kit; The content of ozone in the air can be quantitatively detected on site

according to the requirements of the 13th five year plan for the prevention and control of volatile organic compounds pollution issued by the Ministry of environmental protection and other departments, China will comprehensively strengthen the prevention and control of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) pollution in the future, and strengthen the emission reduction of key areas, key industries and key pollutants. This will help to actively reduce the precursors of ozone, nitrogen oxides (NOx) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), especially in new energy vehicle batteries, and build Ningbo into an international first-class and domestic leading new material innovation center to alleviate the rising trend of ozone to a certain extent

at present, the environmental monitoring industry has become a tuyere. With the favorable environmental protection policies in China, the corresponding market space will continue to expand, which requires relevant instrument enterprises and even the entire environmental monitoring industry to continue to make efforts. Improve the technology, process manufacturing, accuracy, detection speed, stability and other aspects of instruments and equipment, meet the strict requirements of different monitoring fields, and ensure the balance between supply and demand. For ozone treatment, it is by no means overnight. Only with the concerted efforts of standards and instruments can we achieve results

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