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A brief analysis of the reasons for the bankruptcy application of printing giant Roland

on November 25, 2011, the uproar that Roland applied for bankruptcy became a reality. This event is known as the largest enterprise bankruptcy case in Germany since the bankruptcy of retail giant arcandor in 2009

one out of every three newspapers in the world comes from Manroland printing machine. Manroland is the world's largest supplier of web printing machines and the world's second largest manufacturer of flat paper printing machines, and is renowned all over the world. As a subsidiary of man group, after 151 years of long development history, MAN Roland once had an annual net sales of no less than 2billion euros. But now deeply affected by the European debt crisis, they have to submit bankruptcy applications

one thing to be clear about is that the printing press produced by Manroland occupies an important position in the world. Last year, MAN Roland also launched the world's largest format printing machine roland900xxl, with a maximum paper format of 1310mm 1870mm, which makes this printing machine the largest double-sided printing machine in the world, surpassing Heidelberg XL162 and gaobao rapida162. Manluo learned about the contribution of advanced material technology to sustainable development. Lanlan's international network spans nearly 250 countries around the world. In 2005, with the theme that we are printing, we are printing people, and we are the future of printing, Manroland established the Manroland printing professional scholarship program for the field of higher printing education in China. It can be seen that man Roland's position cannot be underestimated

MAN Roland's bankruptcy will have a certain impact on China's printing industry, and will bring opportunities and challenges to China's printing machines: on the one hand, MAN Roland's bankruptcy for all printing machine manufacturers, not only lost a competitor, but also went to a model that can be emulated. After all, man Roland's views on printing machines are worth learning; On the other hand, the bankruptcy of MAN Roland has brought new opportunities to China's domestic printing presses. Whether China's printing presses can take this opportunity to build their own advantages and go global remains to be seen with high strength, accurate size and corrosion resistance

there are no more than these reasons for Manroland's Bankruptcy: first, Manroland's equipment is good, but the price is high. The price of general machinery is basically more than $1million, which most small and medium-sized enterprises can't afford, which leads to Manroland losing part of the market of small and medium-sized enterprises. Secondly, with the popularity of the Internet, the publishing industry is changing, and the emergence of new media has an inestimable impact on the printing industry. This situation has led to the continuous decline in the demand for printing materials, which has a far-reaching impact on the development of the printing industry. Third, it is also the most important and direct point. This point should be from the perspective of MAN Roland's own operation and management. As the general manager of Han's Guanhua Liu Xuezhi said, the time trial bolt torsion detector said: the event that Germany Roland company submitted bankruptcy protection once again verified the importance of the enterprise's capital chain. No matter how good an enterprise brand is, no matter how good its product technology is, if the capital chain is broken, it is equal to the disconnection of blood, and the end result is only the termination of life, nothing. At present, the general trend of the world economy is fraught with crises. In the face of the European and American debt crises and the depression of the market, enterprises must be prepared for the winter. They should increase investment, strengthen research and development, speed up the development of enough cash, and carefully protect the smooth flow of the capital chain

the rupture of the capital chain is the main reason for Manroland's bankruptcy. The capital chain is the blood of an enterprise. If almost all enterprises are a little bigger, it will violate the fundamental of enterprise operation efficiency. Therefore, how to ensure the continuous development of the capital chain can be said to be the fundamental of enterprise operation

first of all, there must be safety. In addition to ensuring the full surplus of funds in the main chain, there must be considerable financing capacity. After each cycle, there must be value-added, which is the purpose of enterprise management. Secondly, the unimpeded capital chain is also the key to enterprises. In China, due to various reasons, the resistance on inventory and accounts receivable is particularly large. On the one hand, it will reduce the capital turnover rate of enterprises, on the other hand, there will be a large number of corruption. Finally, due to the development of enterprises, the minds of managers are prone to be confused. It is very successful to see a large enterprise one sidedly. Relatively speaking, the crisis also increases, especially the harm of the capital chain is becoming more and more serious

in addition, it is worth noting that when an enterprise's core business tends to mature or turns to other fields, the operational risk will decrease, and accordingly, the financial risk dominated by the capital chain will increase accordingly

finally, with pious wishes, I hope MAN Roland can get out of the haze as soon as possible. We look forward to the day when MAN Roland, who retains the mainstream business, stands up again

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