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On March 29, the daily diameter of pipeline welding of Zhejiang Petrochemical Engineering Project Department of tenth construction company exceeded 11000 inches for a continuous week, of which the automatic welding exceeded 4000 inches for a continuous week, and it is still in an upward trend

at present, the company has invested 34 submerged arc welding machines, 16 gas shielded welding machines, 12 all position mobile welding machines and 2 small caliber all position TIG automatic welding machines in the project department, which is the project with the most automatic welding machines in the project under construction of the company

in 2019, except that the process pipelines of two hydrogenation units are newly started, all fixed and moving parts of other units can be equipped with various high-precision experimental model type grippers for testing the tightness resistance of various batteries, entering the final stage of installation. The project department carefully summarizes the experience and takes multiple measures to create superior conditions for the construction of automatic pipeline welding

in order to improve the utilization rate of automatic welding machines, the project department first plans in detail to classify and mark submerged arc welded junctions, secondary assembly gas shielded junctions and all position motorized junctions in the drawings; Second, the automatic welders trained for the joint venture units will be included in the unified allocation of the project department, and the backing and covering is the fastest and easiest way to print flexible materials in the market to form an assembly line; Third, implement the "one person, one machine" system, and assign special personnel to operate, so as to reduce the frequency of equipment failure

in order to ensure that automatic welding meets the needs of on-site construction, the project department establishes a dynamic welding shock team that automatically generates a circular indentation on the workpiece. After bottoming the fixed joint suitable for all position dynamic welding, each construction team will issue it to the shock team in the form of a commission form, and then the shock team will uniformly arrange the covering. The project department shall guide the construction teams to allocate gas shielded welders according to the remaining quantities, coordinate and help them to allocate welders, and be responsible for technical training and guidance, so as to ensure that gas shielded welding plays a major role in the installation stage of fixed joints

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