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Automation of hose packaging for daily chemical products (Part 1)

CMC packaging (Zhongshan) company, established in 2002, is located in the torch high tech Development Zone of Zhongshan City. It is a branch of Yantai simonxi plastic packaging Co., Ltd. in Zhongshan. On the basis of Yantai Company, the reason for choosing Zhongshan to establish Zhongshan branch is mainly to consider several relatively stable major customers in the Pearl River Delta, and there are many potential customers. In order to be closer to customers and better provide services to customers, we also consider the favorable factors of supporting processes around the mountainous area, Yantai simongxi plastic packaging Co., Ltd. formally submitted the feasibility report on the establishment of Zhongshan branch to the group company in June 2002 and passed the review of the group company. Then it took 100 days to build the Zhongshan branch covering an area of more than 16000 square meters, and successfully completed the equipment installation and commissioning, which was officially opened and put into operation on May 18, 2003

the laser detector detects whether the hose diameter meets the requirements and automatically adjusts it. The tolerance range set by CMC for the hose diameter is +/-0.03mm

new equipment for old customers

in terms of equipment selection, Du Guoqi, general manager of CMC, asked the company to implement the standard of "the most advanced production line in Europe, plastic hoses made in China" from beginning to end. In 1996, CMC began to introduce European plastic hose production lines. From the beginning, they set their sights on the most advanced automated production lines in Europe. The main reason is that European production equipment has a high degree of automation, a high input-output ratio, and guaranteed product quality. According to Yu Yongzhi, manager of Zhongshan company, since 1996, CMC has cooperated with meijishi foreign bank to purchase automation equipment from Europe, and the two production lines of Zhongshan company are also purchased through them

manager Yu said, "the reason why we choose the fully automatic production line is also because the labor cost in China is rising. If we adopt the non automatic production line, we must pay a great price for the huge labor cost."

at present, Zhongshan company has not only introduced a hose production line that can automatically produce 60mm pipe diameter in various fields such as construction, transportation, packaging, electric power, aerospace, machine manufacturing and information industry, but also has the first five layer composite hose production line that can realize the production of six color offset printing and six color silk screen printing. Due to the long-term cooperation, the cooperation between the two sides has reached a tacit understanding

manager Yu said: "Before the company opened in May 2003, it was also the time when SARS was the most serious in China. When the second production line imported from abroad had arrived in Zhongshan, and the production orders had been signed with the customers, the foreign engineer C. was unable to install equipment in China during the experiment process. At this critical moment, general manager Du Guoqi sized up the situation and decisively decided to let more experienced engineering technologies in both places of the company The staff worked together to implement the installation task of the whole production line, and meijishi foreign bank also sent special personnel from Shanghai to help at risk, which made the company open on May 18 as scheduled. Moreover, the equipment installed by ourselves has won the unanimous praise of foreign experts who came to the acceptance later, so we need to use a two-color microscope for detection. "

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