Automatic storage system of the hottest large thre

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Automatic storage system of large three-dimensional warehouse

products used: wireless single serial port server (gw51w-maxi)

country/City: China (since 2006)

original use of customers on site

a large LCD manufacturer, with a daily shipment of tens of thousands of pieces, in order to meet the needs of timely shipment of goods, which change laboratory machine should we choose? Large warehouses are used as transit. According to the construction mode of traditional warehouses, most of them are heavy shelves plus multiple forklifts. However, traditional warehouses have many disadvantages. For example, due to the access of forklifts, the channels between shelves are relatively wide, the LCD screen is fragile, and there are certain restrictions on the height of goods that can be placed by forklifts, resulting in the shelf height can not be too high. In this way, the warehouse cannot get the maximum 6 The clearance between the force measuring piston and the force measuring cylinder is used to a large extent, and a large number of forklifts are needed to meet the delivery speed. Address: No. 382 Yuejiang Middle Road, Pazhou, Guangzhou, China. This requires a lot of manpower and material resources to complete

therefore, a modern high-rise three-dimensional warehouse will be established, and the mechanical arm will be used to store and store the goods pallets, with fully automated management. However, the mechanical arms are basically fixed in the channel, and the grabbed goods cannot be directly transported to the forklift dock. The goods should be transported to the dock by the trolley fixed on the circular track, and then the forklift workers transport the goods to the truck to complete the incoming and outgoing goods. Since the console car mainly operates serial port equipment such as PLC, the serial port data needs to be converted into wireless network data to complete the operation of the whole system

system requirements

1 The serial port data can be converted to WiFi wireless. The signal should be stable without disconnection

2. Due to the long-term operation of the trolley, the equipment is required to comply with the industrial design, dust-proof and shockproof

3. The size of the equipment should not be too large, and it should be able to be installed inside the trolley

4. The installation and wiring are simple and convenient, and it is easy for field operators to learn and learn

current usage

system is an agile and economical mechanical experiment method. It is one of the most common methods used to measure the mechanical function of data. It is the only experiment that does not damage the mechanical function of the test piece In the product detection, the experimental structure is also changed

1 Gw51w-maxi of atop supports IEEE 802.11b and can directly convert rs-232/485 data into WiFi signals

2. Gw51w-maxi reviewed the industrial design standards and won the Taiwan 2005 boutique award. Compact and easy to install

3. All configurations can be completed in the IE interface, and the operation is simple

field installation

commercial application

the system has been running stably for more than 2 years, with dozens of trolleys (RGV) in operation. It greatly improves the work efficiency and completely automates the management of incoming and outgoing goods

success factors of this case

1 The gw51w-maxi of atop has simple installation and debugging and stable operation. Good after-sales service

2. Cooperate closely with local Si and solve problems in a timely manner. (end)

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