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Cold storage temperature/humidity automatic monitoring system

the system mainly provides strict monitoring and management of temperature and humidity of greenhouse, cold storage and other equipment and spaces. It can monitor the temperature/humidity at many points in a large area, transmit the data to PC for data storage and analysis, and notify the corresponding personnel in various forms of alarms in case of equipment abnormalities. The system complies with FDA Part 11 standard. It is suitable for food enterprises, GMP pharmaceutical plants, electronic plants, machine rooms, hatcheries, greenhouses and other places with high requirements for environmental temperature and humidity

system function

1 truthfully collect and record the temperature of each refrigerator and the temperature and humidity of each cold storage

2 all data are collected and recorded on a host computer, and the data can be backed up regularly and automatically according to the requirements of users. Authorized users can query historical data

3 in case of abnormal data, various alarms can be output in the way specified by the user

4 strict password authorization system and user classification system to ensure that only authorized staff can carry out corresponding management and operation

5 although the remote control mode in the local area is relatively simple, the one-way computer can read the real-time data on the host computer after being authorized

6 notes can be mandatory for corresponding log events according to the requirements of managers

7 the relevant requirements of other users and GMP regulations can be customized according to the special requirements of users

system composition

the system consists of three parts: software, data conversion and network communication components. Orders of Chinese plastic extruder enterprises have risen sharply

1. Software part: the software part is responsible for reading and analyzing all data and performing various management functions. It consists of server module daqs and client module daqr

2. Check whether the sample has cracks according to the data conversion part: the data conversion part is responsible for collecting temperature information from the equipment

3. Network communication component: precautions of network buy universal material testing machine. The communication component is responsible for transmitting the data collected by the hardware module to the computer with software installed. Data transmission can be completed by one or more free combinations of RS-485 communication protocol and tcp/ip protocol (wired or wireless)

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