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Characteristics and application of polypropylene foaming materials

resin is one of the most widely used and fastest growing resins in the world because of its rich source of raw materials, light weight, excellent performance/price ratio, excellent heat resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and easy recycling. PP foaming material has become a hot spot in the foamed plastic industry because of its unique and superior performance

the main varieties of foamed plastics include polyurethane (PU), polystyrene (PS) and polyolefin foams. There are isocyanate residues harmful to human body in the foaming process of PU foaming materials, and the foaming materials can not be recycled; PS foamed products are difficult to degrade and recycle, causing "white pollution" to the surrounding environment. The United Nations environmental protection organization has decided to stop the production and use of foamed PS worldwide in 2005

foamed PP products have attracted much attention because of their good thermal stability (the highest service temperature is 130%), dimensional stability of products at high temperature, high toughness, tensile strength and impact strength, suitable and flexible surface, excellent microwave adaptability, degradability and environmental protection, and become a good substitute for PS. At present, some developed countries in the United States, Japan and Germany are vigorously developing it as a green packaging material to replace foamed PS

pp foaming materials can be widely used in packaging, thermal insulation materials, automobiles and other fields. There are prompt fields in each step of operation

(1) packaging materials

the development of packaging materials and processing, as well as new packaging design, have the trend of "lightweight", and foamed plastics are more conducive to the lightweight of plastic packaging

nowadays, microwave ovens and microwave food have entered people's family life, while the heat resistance of the food packaging container hot formed by cross-linked foamed PP sheet is as high as 130% (while the foamed P5 is only 80%), which can be used in microwave ovens, and is resistant to boiling water, with good high-temperature stability, and the surface feels comfortable and soft; The hot formed plates and bowls have high enough impact strength at low temperature, can be used in colder conditions, and feel soft

pp's chemical structure determines that its degradation performance is better than that of PE and PS, so it has obvious advantages for one-time packaging. According to incomplete statistics, China currently consumes about 18billion disposable tableware every year. As a substitute for foamed PS, paper tableware will bring greater environmental harm due to the consumption of a large amount of wood. PP is easy to degrade under the action of light, heat and oxygen. In the manufacturing process of PP products, if no antioxidant and other additives are added, PP products will be easily aged, degraded and broken into powder under the sun. Using the inherent characteristics of PP, the disposable tableware made of foamed PP sheet is an ideal environment-friendly tableware

at present, it is estimated that 10billion fruit, cooked food, semi-finished products and clean vegetable trays will be used in supermarkets. If half of these disposable and pallets are replaced by crosslinked PP foam, more than 150kt of PP foam sheet is required. In addition, PP foamed sheet can also be used as personal packaging for computers, cameras, glassware, precision parts and vulnerable parts. Because it can be recycled directly, the texture is soft and will not damage the surface of the package, PP foaming material can replace PS foaming material in the field of electrical packaging

(2) thermal insulation material

foamed PP has lower thermal conductivity and better thermal insulation performance than foamed PE (polyethylene); Foamed PE and PS can withstand 70~80 ℃, while foamed PP can withstand 1200C. Therefore, foamed PP will be used as advanced thermal insulation materials, which can be used to manufacture thermal insulation materials used at more than 100 ℃. It is widely used in foreign countries where the heat resistance of PS and PE foamed sheets cannot meet the requirements, such as heat insulation materials for 90~120 ℃ heat carrier circulating batteries, automobile ceiling materials, engine and workshop heat insulation materials, etc. Foamed PP with good heat resistance has a huge market as air conditioning insulation pipe. Foamed PP can also be used as insulation material for petrochemical pipelines, antifreeze insulation sleeve for water pipes, and thermal insulation material for hot water pipes, greenhouses, storage tanks, etc

it is reported that the annual growth rate of thermal insulation materials in China will be more than 10% in the future, and it is expected that the foam used for thermal insulation will reach 150kt by 2010

(3) in addition to excellent properties such as high impact absorption capacity, good resilience and high heat resistance, recyclability is also an important advantage of auto parts

pp, which has become a preferred alternative material in the automotive industry. In recent years, foamed PP has been widely used in the automotive industry as "plastic with the advantages of light weight, waterproof, durability, strong plasticity, mature production technology and low production cost". The application of foamed PP board (sheet) with a thickness of 2~6mm and a density of 0.6g/cm3 is expanding day by day The material can be processed into carpet support material, shading board, sound insulation board, luggage rack, interior trim, cover, box, etc

in order to save energy consumption, modern vehicles require to reduce the mass. It is undoubtedly the future development direction to replace other materials with more plastics. Foamed PP can lighten the weight of automobile parts. According to the development rules of China's automobile industry, by 2010, the output of domestic automobiles with the performance of traditional materials will reach 5million to 6million. With the development trend of modern automobile lightweight and energy-saving, PP foaming materials will be more and more used in the automotive industry. The development of high-performance products will attract more manufacturers and researchers' attention, and foamed PP is expected to achieve continuous and stable growth

it can be predicted that the active development and application of PP foaming materials will be of great significance to the development of China's synthetic resin industry, the expansion of the application field and market consumption of PP foaming materials, and the development of automobile, packaging, food and environmental protection. As a new generation product of foamed PS, it has a broad market prospect. The production and development of foamed PP has always been a research hotspot in the world. However, due to the crystallization characteristics of P manual hydraulic universal testing machine p, the production technology of foamed PP sheet is difficult. At present, only the United States, Japan, Germany and other countries can produce foamed PP, while the industrial production of foamed PP in China is still blank. Therefore, it is urgent to research and develop foamed PP material to adapt to the market as soon as possible and realize its industrial production

source: Shenzhen packaging

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